Energy Solutions

Energy conservation and other home performance solutions follow from recommendations based on the home energy audit. Almost every solution depends on the results of every home energy audit process.

Each home energy solution presented in the following articles focus on customer improvement targets and the improvement process, include post-completion testing

Customer Targets

Customer targets are ultimately a mix of best practices, building code mandates, and home performance program requirements. Those presented here are usually best practices.

Building code minimum standards should be exceeded, in part to achieve whole-house optimum performance. Better standards usually result from best practices.

Home performance improvements can be made as part of a variety of programs. The program sponsors set their own targets about what needs to be achieved for certification or provide incentives.

Improvement Process Continued

The improvement process starts with a home energy audit. After the home energy assessment and before work begins, a set of home energy solutions is selected. The home energy improvement begins with preparation, continues with the work itself, and usually ends with post-completion testing.

Preparation. Before any home energy improvement solution is implemented, it must be safe do so. Sometimes it makes sense to make some improvements before others to avoid rework. This section discusses what must be done first.

Energy Solution. A whole-house approach is taken to solve problems found during the home energy audit. This section describes, in a homeowner-friendly way, the work that needs to be done generally.

Post-Completion Testing. While various part of all the work are completed or all after its all done, the diagnostic tests made during the home energy audit are repeated. Their primary purpose is to ensure the house is safe for the occupants to live in. They are also used to demonstrate to the home performance program sponsor that targets have been met.

Basic Home Performance Improvement Solutions

There is a lot of interest in all types home energy improvements. The ones you hear about in radio and televisions ads tend to depend on basic home performance improvements being done first for best efficiency & effectiveness. Doing them first normally results in a lower cost installation.

These are the fundamentals of home performance improvements

Of these, moisture management is better explained on our mold assessments website.

Advanced Home Performance Improvement Solutions

Once the basic home performance solutions are implemented, it appropriate to consider other energy improvements, including

  • Windows
  • Lights
  • Appliances
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Solar Energy
  • Alternative Energy

Post-Project Process Improvement

A wise contractor may choose to determine the quality of their improvements on your house several months after they finish. This is needed to improve their practices at other people’s homes. Others did this for you. Please do it for others!

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