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Ballpark Rates

Initial home performance assessments in the metro Atlanta area start at $350 for an initial assessment for consultation only. This is for houses up to 2000 sqft without a crawlspace within an hours drive from Newnan, GA. The base fee is $10/100 sqft + $150. Larger houses, crawlspaces, and extended travel are extra.

Diagnostic tests usually range between $50-$75 per test, depending on the type of test required. At a minimum, an air leakage test is needed. With central heating and air systems, a duct leakage test is needed for each system. Another test is taken for each combustion appliance zone: an area with 1 or more water heaters or furnaces in it.

Home energy modeling usually depends on the complexity of the house. The minimum fee for a simple ranch style house is $400. Some diagnostic tests are needed too.

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  • HERS Rating

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